Metabolic Medicine


Theme leader: Professor Leon Bach, Alfred Health

Twenty-six per cent of inpatients across Australia are now affected by diabetes.

Baker IDI, Monash Health, Alfred Health and Epworth HealthCare provide complementary services to include complex inpatient, ambulatory, outreach and community-based care to diabetes patients.

Baker IDI is Australia’s only WHO Collaborating Diabetes Centre with an ambulatory clinical service translating models of care internationally, supported by discovery, clinical and public health researchers.  

The Alfred runs The Centre for Bariatric Surgery (a statewide service) and Alfred/Baker IDI clinician researchers are international leaders in the remission of diabetes.

Monash Health, Australia’s largest diabetes service, provides 45,000 episodes of care a year across six hospitals and 26 ambulatory and outreach services from complex care (renal and pancreatic transplants, paediatric and pregnancy pump care) to primary care support and patient self-management. This model is being translated via the National Australian Diabetes Centres and is underpinned by investigator-initiated clinical and health services research.

We also lead in renal research and care - with diabetes the primary cause of renal failure.  The team includes established and emerging diabetes researchers and clinical leaders known for their key roles in care, informing government policy and research translation.

Monash Health renal services include kidney-pancreas transplantation (one of only two national sites), with international best practice outcomes. We lead haemodialysis provision and innovation with patient survival three standard deviations better than predicted.

Monash Partners also covers the pre-eminent Endocrinology Centre in Australia – focused on the Monash Institute of Medical research/ Prince Henry’s Institute (MIMR/PHI) and its associated partners.

Collaborations between the endocrinology clinical and research teams across the Alfred, Monash University, Prince Henry’s Institute and Monash Health have existed for more than 20 years.

The institutions have been recognised as international and national leaders in the provision of clinical care, laboratory medicine and research to improve population health outcomes in key areas such as thyroid disease, calcium and metabolic bone disorders, pituitary disease, reproductive health and developmental biology. The collaboration has also led to a national program of health promotion and community engagement, Andrology Australia.

Future Goals:

1.      Extend the leadership currently being provided to the development and execution of the National Diabetes Strategy for government

2.      Lead comparative care, diabetes outcomes through the National Diabetes Audit, which is currently being delivered through The Alfred

3.      Develop and progress new strategies to treat diabetes complications.