Cardiovascular disease

Theme leaders: David Kaye & James Cameron

Alfred Cardiology and MonashHeart (Monash Health) provide a complementary suite of cardiology services - from emergency to quaternary care - within Monash Partners. In combination with Epworth’s Cardiac Sciences Clinical Institute and Cabrini Cardiology, the Cardiology Services of Monash Partners form the largest and most influential cardiovascular service in Australia. 

At Monash Health, MonashHeart is Australia’s busiest cardiology service and was identified in the 2011 CONCORDANCE Study, as the national leading hospital in 10 of 13 key clinical indicators in acute coronary syndromesa. In 2012, it performed the world’s first paediatric renal artery denervation procedure for childhood hypertension.

At Alfred Health, the Alfred Heart Failure/Transplant service has developed new models of heart failure community-based rehabilitation care with healthcare and economic benefits. The cardiac transplantation service exceeds world average five-year survival outcomes (77.8% vs average of 68%).  

Both hubs have extensive clinical trials programs that are supported by research organisations:  Alfred Cardiology by the independently recognised Baker IDI, and MonashHeart by the Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre.

Future goals:

1. Focus on prevention and management of heart and vascular disease 
2. Focus on the sympathetic nervous system to better manage hypertension 
3. Focus on developing new diagnostics using imaging and genomics/omics 
4. Prioritise non-surgical management of valve disease