Health Services Research


Discipline Leader: Professor Helena Teede

Monash Partners provides leadership in evidence synthesis and guideline development with a strong focus on capacity building and training of multidisciplinary health professionals. Activity is focused across four major Health Services Research centres.

These activities are core to the Discipline. This historically undervalued research focus has been boosted by the alignment within Monash Partners of some key capabilities. 

1. The Australasian Cochrane Centre is a co-ordinating regional Cochrane Centre. ACC has NGO, consumer, policy, NHMRC and health professional engagement. The Cochrane team has undertaken internationally recognised implementation research led by Prof S Green including child health research in developing countries (NHMRC and Wellcome Trust funded) and the Neurotrauma Evidence Translation Trial focused on promoting use of guidelines in practice. 

2. Monash Health Centre for Clinical Effectiveness is a nationally unique in-house, integrated service which has enabled health professionals, managers and policy makers to undertake evidence informed care over a decade. (Their Technology and Clinical Practice Committee won the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Quality Improvement Award for a transparent accountable and evidence-based framework for the introduction of new technologies and clinical practices).

3. Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation evidence synthesis and guideline development program: This collaborative partnership and jointly-funded Centre across Monash Health and University and led by Prof Helena Teede includes an evidence synthesis and guideline development program. The team has significant national and international expertise and leadership in the field. The program trains health professionals including PhD candidates on evidence synthesis, quality literature appraisal and guideline development. 

4. Alfred Health’s Timely Quality Care Program is a ‘whole-of-health’ service redesign program incorporating both clinical and non-clinical aspects to improve patient care. The emergency patient pathway has resulted in marked improvements in the National Emergency Access Targets with Alfred Health performance being amongst the top 5 in Australia for the past four reporting periods (NHPA 2014): the program has won Victorian Public Healthcare Awards in both 2013 and 2014.