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About the Disciplines

To support and enable the Themes and to capture the full capacity of the integrated health, research and education capability, Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre has identified five Disciplines. The Disciplines matrix across the Themes, linking and supporting their initiatives, but also developing service potential and innovation among the members of the AHSC.

The three Disciplines reflect the core fields within which an Academic Health Science Centre can make a clear difference compared to that which can be achieved by the members operating solely as standalone entities. It will do this by linking core capabilities across the member organisations.

The three Disciplines are:

  • Infomatics and Patient Data
  • Innovation and Healthcare Improvement
  • Primary and Community Health

Each Discipline has a Leader, an Executive and a clear work program with goals and objectives.

With the seven Themes, the three Disciplines provide the core structure for Monash Partners. The Leaders of the Disciplines work with the Theme Leaders and the Managing Director to be the Executive of the Academic Health Science Centre.