Monash Partners has developed a flexible management structure to coordinate and develop the model through formation into longer term effectiveness and service efficiency.

There are three core management elements:

1. Members Council

This is the peak forum where the individual members meet to oversee the development of Monash Partners. This is in effect the Board of the joint venture entity, where the members work to create the capacity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

2. Executive

This is the operational peak forum, where the leaders of each theme and discipline meet to compare progress, share experiences and exchange lessons, working together to model the practices that will deepen engagement with the AHSC throughout the member entities.

3. Executive Director

Professor Helena Teede is the Executive Director of Monash Partners. As Executive Director, Helena chairs the Executive whose role is to lead the ASHC to maximise capacity and advocate the benefits of the integrated entity, in conjunction with the Member organisations.